Its been too long!

Sorry sorry sorry! I have really let my blog go! I will start by updating you and I will try to write a bit more regularly from now on!
Well the big news is that I finally did leave my job so Im now a fully fledged stay at home mammy and crocheter!

It really has been a dream come true, spending so much time with my girl and being able to crochet, keep up with orders and keep our home nice with good food on the table… to me thats what life is all about!

I will pop up a couple of crochet items ive been working on, in the meantime thank you all so much for checking out my blog, and for the lovely


This is a multi coloured baby blanket I made to donate to the S.A.D.D. Foundation, http://


The stool covers!


My stall at a recent agricultural show in Tullow, Co Carlow


Sunshine and crochet

Hello! Well I hope everyone is enjoying this weather as much as I am! It’s been fabulous. At this very moment I am sitting outside on our deck, cold drink in one hand, crochet in the other 🙂 taking a break to update the blog. I am working on a colourful granny square blanket for an order for a new baby boy. There’s nothing better than crocheting al fresco! Just wish the country gave me more of a change to do it – the weather is supposed to be staying fine for another few days so I’m predicting a few more evenings like this! I have a couple of other crochet projects on the go at the moment too – I have just finished one of four stool covers for our kitchen, the blanket as mentioned before, some jam jar votive covers… And a few other bit and pieces.
It’s also looking likely that I’m going to get my wish soon – less work and more crochet time – watch this space!

A bit about me…

My first blog entry! Im cringing slightly because Im really not very good at talking about myself but who knows, maybe this will change as time goes on! Ill let you be  the judge of that!

Ill start by telling you a bit about myself and what this blog is for. My name is Sharon and Im a working mother of one little girl and partner to Ed. We live in a lovely country village and are surrounded by hills and woodland and lots of nature.

About 2 and a half years ago, I got the notion that I wanted to learn how to crochet (that light bulb moment!) so I bought myself a book called The Happy Hooker, (recommended) and two balls of wool, pink and green and a size 5 hook and off I went… quite slowly at first.

My granny was a keen crocheter in her day and I thought it would be lovely to follow in her footsteps but I wasn’t quite ready for the overwhelming LOVE for crochet that followed!

This is my story of my journey through crochet and beyond and other bits and pieces that I come across along the way.

If you would like to take a look at some of my work go to, like and share if you have a minute to spare! I would love to hear any feedback you have too 🙂